Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How many plants will be planted in our land?

Your plot has 4 fruit trees and a cluster of 12 Bamboo trees. This is over and above 2500 fruit trees, 10000 Bamboo Trees, 3500 Medicinal and Super Food Trees. We want you to have some space for your vegetable garden.

Can the wooden house be insured?

Yes, it can be insured.

Is it possible to fit A/C in the house?

Yes, you can install two 1 Ton A/C in your cottage as we are giving 2.5 KV Supply through your Off Grid Solar Power.

How much protected is the wooden house from pests?

The Wooden Cottage is made of Imported Kiln Dried Wood which is free from Termites, Fungi and Yeast growth. It is also fire resistant. Rodents control is undertaken periodically. We have also tied up for Annual Maintenance Contract with the Manufacturer for 25 years. Your Cottage has a minimum life expectancy of 80 years

If we don't opt for solar power how much will the price change? Also do we get water and electricity bills in owners name or in the business name when we give it on rent?

The community is designed to protect the environment and sustainable features are by default. As for the water bill which is negligible but when applicable shall be borne by the owner.

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