Why would you choose a Serviced Vacation Home ?

Tall buildings in cities are causing some people to feel suffocated and stressed.

So, many are buying homes in quiet places where they can live without the noise and busyness of the city. These homes are often used for getaways or weekend trips.

Here are some good things about owning a farmhouse or weekend home:

Beautiful Nature

Sometimes, being in a different place can make us feel happier. Pune has many beautiful natural places. When you visit these places, you can feel refreshed and ready to face everyday life.

Social Distancing

Having a farmhouse or weekend home is good for staying away from crowded places during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can live in a safe and peaceful environment.

Safe and Secure

As COVID-19 cases increase, many people are leaving cities and going back to their hometowns where they feel safer. Many people who own weekend homes are living there now.

Family Balance

Weekend homes that people used to visit occasionally have become safe places for families. Children are learning about farming and spending quality time with their families.

Work from Home

COVID-19 changed how we work. Many people are working from home now. Some are going back to their hometowns to work from their weekend homes, where they can relax and work freely.

Instant Holiday

The best thing about having your own farmhouse is that you can go on vacation whenever you want. You don't need to spend money on travel and hotels. You can enjoy weekends in your own farmhouse, surrounded by hills and forests.

Extra Money

If you think having a weekend farmhouse is expensive, you can rent it out to others for holidays. This can give you extra income. Many websites can help you rent out your property.


Weekend homes are becoming more of a need than just something people want

Work and Stay

Weekend homes near cities with good internet will be used for work and living, not just for weekends.

Safe Haven

People will see weekend homes as safe places to stay during crises like COVID-19.

Holiday at Home

Instead of traveling, people will spend holidays in their weekend homes.

Community Living

People will prefer homes with amenities and services, rather than isolated homes.

Young Buyers

Young people will invest in weekend homes.

First Real Estate

Many will buy a weekend home as their first property

Shared Ownership

Sharing ownership of weekend homes will become popular.

Homes Over Land

People will prefer buying apartments and villas instead of empty plots.

Farming Getaways

People will want farmhouses where they can do farming activities, not just luxury villas.

After COVID-19, here are some trends for weekend home

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